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Professors, students, and preachers throughout Fuller’s extended community offer weekly spiritual reflections on topics at the heart of the seminary’s mission. It is Fuller's practice to allow speeches by our guests to be uncensored as a gesture of engagement in civil dialogue—a value to which Fuller Theological Seminary is deeply committed. We invite you to listen with hospitality, realizing that speakers reflect their own views and not necessarily views in harmony with the stated mission of Fuller. Music at the beginning and end of each episode is taken from a recent album entitled REVERE I RESTORE, created and recorded by members of the Fuller community under the leadership of Ed Willmington, director of the Fred Bock Institute of Music at the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts at Fuller Theological Seminary. Hear songs and learn more about the album here: “Selah: Be Still” Piano solo: Jenny Jee-El Park Cello solo: Yena Choi Featured on the album REVERE | RESTORE Music by Edwin M. Willmington/ASCAP ©2016 Shepherd's Staff Worship Music/ASCAP
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FULLER studio offers spiritual reflections on topics at the heart of the seminary’s mission from professors, students, and preachers throughout Fuller’s extended community.

Dec 9, 2016

President Mark Labberton preaches on Daniel 3, idolatry during the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, and subtle forms of idolatry in our present day. Read more about the social formation of the church here:

This audio is a recording from Fuller’s All-Seminary chapel on December 7, 2016. For more resources for a deeply formed spiritual life visit

  • over eight months ago
    Scott Herr
    Thank you Mark! Profound insight into the larger idol factories of our culture, and the domesticated idols of my heart... and how they capture us. Thank you for the reminder that I cannot make myself free; I must be set free. Good news as we prepare for our cultures' mesmerizing rhythms of Christmas and New Year that take us anywhere but on blended knee before our King.